Virtual Reality: The Modern Education Method

The Virtual and Augmented Reality team in TSSG have combined visual and kinaesthetic learning tools to raise awareness of COVID-19. Aimed at children aged 8 and up, this interactive experience is also ASD friendly and can be used as a tool to educate children in a fun and engaging environment. Using the HSE COVID-19 safety guidelines, this informative and interactive experience demonstrates how to effectively wash hands using a sequence of cards and how to successfully practice social distancing in a supermarket or retail environment.

The ARVR team were successful in an Enterprise Ireland capital funding call last year to develop a Mixed Reality Lab in TSSG however, due to COVID-19, the finishing touches have been put on hold. Rather than allow the new equipment to go unused, the team utilised the materials in their respective homes and came together online to create this learning tool.

Stills from the VR experience

To access this virtual experience, users require an Oculus Quest with Oculus Touch controllers, which are available online. Download the VR experience from SideQuest.

This informative experience is just one of many projects the AR/VR team in TSSG are developing. The equipment in the Mixed Reality Lab will be used to advance research into a variety of areas including the benefits of virtual reality for people with ASD; how virtual reality experiences can give more accurate results in consumer experiences; how virtual reality can improve learning and development training in companies and the use of augmented reality in retail and tourism to enhance customers experience. The latter two are becoming more relevant in the current pandemic.

For more information on this experience or to learn more about how our ARVR team can assist your company develop an augmented or virtual reality experience contact Miguel Ponce de Leon, Technology Gateway Manager, at

This post was originally published on the TSSG website