‘Trends in Polymer Processing and Investigations’ – APT Webinar

APT Technology Gateway have announced their third webinar in their current online series ‘Trends in Polymer Processing and Investigations’.  The series aims to bring together a range of relevant and exciting industry topics highlighting current, new and emerging trends in Polymer processing.  

The next webinar in the series takes place on 6th July at 1pm and will focus on the latest developments in plastic sustainability with the Sustainability Research team in the Polymer Recycling Industrial Sustainability and Manufacturing Research Institute at TUS. 


Dr Margaret Brennan Fournet – Assistant Director @ PRISM TUS 
Title: Sustainable Plastics for your Enterprise 
This webinar details radically new technology developments which can accommodate circularity for an increasingly wide source of plastics and polymers, including those that are not recycled/recyclable today. Innovation in for how plastics are made, unmade and remade can deliver highly economically feasible routes to transition from the linear to the circular plastics economy.

Dr Marija Mojicevic – Postdoctoral Researcher @ PRISM TUS 
From waste to biopolymers: closing the circle for plastics economy 
In the midst of a global health pandemic, we are ignoring another pandemic that has been going on for decades and is rarely in the public spotlight: the plastic waste pandemic. This webinar will focus on alternatives for plastic materials. It will provide insights into the challenges of biopolymers production and discuss their importance and overall use. Recent findings in biopolymer science will be summed up with a special highlight on using plastic-related materials as a feedstock for biomaterial synthesis. 

APT Technology Gateway 

The APT Technology Gateway is hosted within the Materials Research Institute (MRI) at TUS: Midlands, which is an interdisciplinary material science and technology research centre. APT is the leading hub for industrial polymer research and development in Ireland, with TUS playing a key role in supporting the Irish polymer and plastics industry for more than 30 years. APT acts as an industry-led research hub supporting Irish-based plastics and polymer companies in creating solutions to overcome the current challenges faced by the industry. APT is a dedicated resource for the Irish polymer manufacturing industry and regularly provides training and information dissemination, as well as production demonstration days for companies. 

Event details:
Date: Thursday 6th July
Time: 1-2pm