THEA’s STEM Supplement – Irish Independent 28th Nov 2019

A gateway to the future

Enterprise Ireland has committed €26 million to invest in the Future Technology Gateway Programme between 2018 and 2022. They have had over 500 companies involved in over 700 projects through the Technology Gateway network.

“The link between enterprise and the third level sector is incredibly important,” says Mark Christal. “Building this link has been a key focus for Enterprise Ireland for a number of years. The objective is to support companies that have the potential to grow and scale. To do that, we need to be proactively working and making sure those links between indigenous enterprises, and the third level sector, are strong.” Mark Christal, Enterprise Ireland Manager Regions & Entrepreneurship

Read about some of the exciting, ground breaking, innovative research and development projects that the Technology Gateway Network have been involved with recently. These will give you a flavour of the possibilities that are available to you, if you have an idea, product design or other project that you wish to bring to the next level.

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