Technology Insights – Immersing into AR/VR

‘Technology Insights’ brings together a range of relevant and exciting industry topics highlighting current, new and emerging technologies in sectors such as MedTech, Software, Biotechnology, Food and Manufacturing. The series aims to provide Irish industry with a platform for interesting and engaging discussion on a wide range of current and future technologies, presented by industry experts within the Technology Gateway Network.

The second webinar in the series takes place on Thursday 28th January 2021 and explores the world of AR/VR. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are achieving mass adoption in numerous sectors including education, manufacturing and gaming. VR creates an environment that immerses the user in a virtual world which suspends belief. AR is similar but uses holograms which are overlaid on the user’s real environment and enhances or adds to what they can see via data displays or 3D models.

Presented by Stephen Barnes, Research Software Developer at TSSG Technology Gateway, ‘Immersing into AR/VR’ will investigate how these technologies produce new immersive interaction paradigms that not only transforms how we consume information but also the speed of how we comprehend that information.

Stephen Barnes

Stephen is an Experienced Research Software Engineer in the MR team of the Mobile Ecosystems and Pervasive Sensing Research Group at TSSG. He has worked on a number of Extended Reality projects since 2016 in areas such as AEC, education, training and virtual heritage. Stephen also has research interests in the use of Extended Reality as an assistive technology for people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

TSSG Technology Gateway

The TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group) Technology Gateway, based in Waterford Institute of Technology, is a research and innovation centre for industry to access cutting-edge knowledge and solutions in advanced mobiles services and software service enablers. The Gateway develops technology to bring a business idea to reality. As part of the Technology Gateway Network funded by Enterprise Ireland, it is the commercial interface of TSSG. As an advanced software R&D Centre with particular expertise in all aspects of mobile networks and communications platforms and services, their role is to deliver technology solutions through collaboration on projects which are close to the market needs of the Irish industry.

Event details

Date: Thursday 28th January 2020

Time: 11.00 – 11.45am

For further details and registration please see here