Technology Insights – Process Monitoring and Automation for SME’s

‘Technology Insights’ brings together a range of relevant and exciting industry topics highlighting current, new and emerging technologies in sectors such as MedTech, Software, Biotechnology, Food and Manufacturing. The series aims to provide Irish industry with a platform for interesting and engaging discussion on a wide range of current and future technologies, presented by industry experts within the Technology Gateway Network. 

The fourth webinar in the series takes place on Thursday 13th May 2021 and will focus on ‘Process Monitoring and Automation for SME’s’. Presented by Ciaran Doyle, Senior R&D and Business Development Engineer (Mechatronics) and Tanmay Swaroop, Research Assistant at IMaR Technology Gateway.

Process monitoring and automation are the principle means of reducing production costs, improving process continuity and product quality.  At the core of any process monitoring system are sensors, a means of communicating and analysing sensor data and initiating appropriate corrective actions.  The availability of low-cost, wired or low power wireless smart sensors which are both robust and accurate make process monitoring a compelling, low-risk opportunity for many industries. It is the basis for both predictive maintenance which enhances OEE, and real-time avoiding or controlling process deviations which enhances product quality.  Monitoring and sensor technologies are also vital components in automated processes. 

Evaluating the potential for process automation involves an assessment of how to make the process Lean, eliminatingmura, muda and muri and an understanding of the need for consistency and quality in tasks which may be repetitive or ergonomically challenging.  Automation will reduce waste, improve quality of work and will provide a basis for continual improvement within SME’s. 

Automation and process monitoring technologies are readily accessible to SMEs, are essential aspects of Industry 4.0 and can underpin future competitiveness in terms of cost and quality. This webinar will explore the methods and technologies required for implementing or enhancing monitoring and automation in SME’s. 


Ciaran Doyle, Senior R&D and Business Development Engineer (Strand Leader), Mechatronics

Ciaran Doyle is a researcher at IMaR, specializing in instrumentation solutions for industry; and a part-time lecturer in MTU in Instrumentation and Analog Electronics. He has 25 years experience working in the telecommunications industry and as an engineering contractor including ten years managing his own business. Ciaran was awarded an M. Eng degree in 2016 by the (then) Institute of Technology Tralee, for research on instrumentation and measurement theory, a BAI degree from the Engineering School at Trinity College Dublin in 1980 and has industry qualifications in IT and accountancy.

Tanmay Swaroop, Research Assistant

Tanmay is actively working on the development of mechatronics and automation methods and poka yokes in the field of automobile, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing, addressing problems relating to repetitive manual work and ergonomically difficult tasks on assembly lines. Tanmay has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing engineering, product quality, process engineering, facility installation and commissioning. He holds a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and bachelors in Mechanical engineering.

IMaR Technology Gateway

The IMaR Gateway, based in MTU Kerry, applies its core expertise in providing electronic and mechanical hardware, software, IoT and data analytics innovation for increased productivity in the manufacturing, agriculture and process sectors. IMaR provides expertise in hardware, software, IoT and data analytics innovation for increased productivity in the manufacturing, agriculture and process sectors. Offering a range of services to industry such as project development and specification, prototype/proof of concept development, consultancy and industry collaborations, as well as assistance in sourcing funding for research and development projects.

Date: Thursday 13th May 2021 

Time: 11.00am – 11.45am 

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