Profile: TSSG Technology Gateway

The TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group) Technology Gateway, based in SETU Waterford, is a research and innovation centre for industry to access cutting-edge knowledge and solutions in advanced mobiles services and software service enablers. 

What is the TSSG Technology Gateway? 

TSSG Gateway develops technology to bring a business idea to reality. As part of the Technology Gateway Network funded by Enterprise Ireland, it is the commercial interface of TSSG. As an advanced software R&D Centre with particular expertise in all aspects of mobile networks and communications platforms and services, their role is to deliver software technology solutions through collaboration on projects which are close to the market needs of the Irish industry. 

 What expertise is available at TSSG? 

TSSG has expertise in the following areas, Distributed & cloud-based mobile services, Next generation IP based voice and video, Virtual and augmented reality services, Location, Context, Smart space and social service enablers, Data science and mining.  They can assist with the development of technological solutions applicable to all types of products and services, offering expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of the development process. Research is what defines them. Whether you are seeking individual support or want to work with multiple partners, TSSG can help accelerate the progress of your product. 

What type of companies do TSSG collaborate with? 

Over the past five years TSSG have completed projects with all types of Irish based companies, from micro SME’s to scaling SME’s and many multinationals such as IBM and Cisco. TSSG actively seeks and encourages collaboration between researchers and external business partners. Realising the commercial potential of research outputs requires the specialist marketing and product development skills of entrepreneurs and industry business development experts. 

 What facilities and technologies are available? 

TSSG can help you develop new advanced mobile platforms, mobile services and mobile software enablers. Their team will assist to analyse needs, to design, develop and launch a mobile strategy, from concept to production, using HTML5 and native applications on mobile and tablet devices that will deliver clear advantages over your competitors. Collaborating with TSSG will allow your company to build beyond simple mobile applications to create multi-tiered systems allowing you to provide a variety of new services or products to your clients. 

 What services are available at TSSG? 

TSSG delivers innovative ICT solutions to its clients across multiple industries, including Agritech, HealthTech, Smart Cities, Communications and Energy Sectors. Transforming how companies operate and compete through scientifically proven R&D knowledge and expertise which has a direct impact on improving a  clients’ bottom line. 

Every company must innovate to survive. If you do not have a Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) focus TSSG can help you create that focus. If you have an established RD&I function, create an extension of this function with TSSG and they will help you push the boundaries to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and disrupt the marketplace. 

The TSSG have engineers and business development executives that can carry out an Innovation Sprint Service, which will bring people from Idea to ICT Prototype in 2 weeks. The gateway will carry out professional software engineering services, looking at ICT Product Architecture and Roadmapping and offer a service in digital creative design where the ICT user experience and user design are to the fore. 

The TSSG Research Supports are specialised groups with a strategic research focus. 

  • Creative Design Unit: Advocates & practitioners of design-led innovation, the Creative Design Unit help create unique products that disrupt the market instead of adapting to it. The team’s expertise combines artistic ability with technical proficiency to design and create new technologies across both research and industry sectors. 
  • Professional Software Engineering Services: PSES is a team of highly talented Dev-Ops, Software Testers and Software Engineers with a cumulative experience of over 30 years, spanning a broad range of technology and business domains including Mobile, Telecoms, Big Data, eHealth, Autonomics and Network Management 

 TSSG Key Research Areas. 

  • Emerging Networks Lab: The Emerging Networks Laboratory (ENL), is a TSSG Research Unit comprising 19 researchers focussing on challenges relating to the evolution of the communications networking and service technologies that will see widespread deployment in the next 10 years. 
  • Programmable and autonomous Systems: The Programmable & Autonomous Systems Unit seeks to research, develop and commercialise techniques, tools and algorithms that will ensure that citizens can benefit from the  new digitally connected world. 
  • Mobile Ecosystem & Pervasive Sensing: The MEPS Lab at TSSG spearhead research in areas such as Biomedical Nano and Molecular Communications, Pervasive Sensing, Embedded  Systems  Control and Interactive  Technologies (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality). 
  • Infrastructure Group: The Infrastructure Group plays a cross-cutting organisation role in not only pursuing research in its own thematic areas (see below), but by actively engaging in the research and development of facilities, lab spaces, testbeds, other bespoke ICT systems, and providing access to, or generating, data-sets. 

To find out more about TSSG Technology Gateway, check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

This article was edited on the 3rd May 2022.