Profile: CREDIT Technology Gateway

CREDIT Technology Gateway, based at Dundalk Institute of Technology is an interdisciplinary research centre which provides world class technical expertise for SMEs and larger organisations in the field of Renewables, Energy Optimisation and Energy Storage. The Gateway is fast becoming a vital part of Ireland’s energy and renewables research and innovation landscape actively supporting business and industry to become more competitive facilitated through problem solving, targeted R&D, innovation and enabling faster adoption of emerging technologies and processes to create new markets in the low and zero carbon sector.

What expertise is available at CREDIT?

CREDIT Gateway has expertise in Renewables (incorporating elements of marine, bio energy, wind, solar, hydrogen and associated themes), Energy Optimisation (incorporating elements of energy efficiency, materials and process optimisation, circular economy, demand response, heat recovery, sustainability, decarbonisation and associated themes) and Energy Storage (incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, thermal, electrochemical, hydro and associated themes). The Gateway enables companies to explore product innovation, source applied research opportunities and technology solutions for their ‘close-to-market’ needs. CREDIT Gateway is dedicated to supporting Irish business and industry sector to accelerate innovation by providing access to dedicated funding programmes that can help test new ideas, share know how and support entry onto new markets.

What type of companies do CREDIT collaborate with?

The Gateway provides access to R&D solutions for all types of industry, with a particular focus on helping start-ups and SMEs explore product innovation, source applied research opportunities and leverage technical solutions for their needs. Providing a research and skills resource network targeted at companies based both in the North East and nationally.

How can CREDIT assist your company? 

CREDIT Technology Gateway is a key enabler of innovation working together with business, industry and communities to cultivate a continuous innovation cycle creating a journey from concept to reality for products and services. The Gateway is able to draw on an array of skills and expertise to address the necessary research and technical capabilities to deliver strategic solutions and transformational change across the energy challenge.

CREDIT provides the hands-on expertise and extensive knowledge of new and emerging energy trends to deliver tailored R&D programmes that combined with the access to leading facilities and expertise, test and scale up new developments and technologies, to accelerate innovation. They can also support business to take a structured and iterative approach to building prototypes and testing their new ideas and developing them as they go. The prototyping service enables innovators and businesses to experiment, evaluate, learn, and adapt an idea, so they can refine it into something even better. The process of prototyping and testing is the one of the important aspects in the manufacturing industry as this can give the idea of the production of the some of the difficult parts.

What services are available at CREDIT?

CREDIT Gateway provides technical services across:


  • Marine and wave energy modelling
  • Bioenergy
  • Wind modeling and measurement
  • Solar (PV and Thermal)
  • Hydrogen

Energy Storage

  • Mechanical,
  • Electrical,
  • Thermal,
  • Electrochemical,
  • Small Hydro

Energy Optimisation

  • Energy efficiency
  • Material Optimisation
  • Accelerated Stress and Life Testing
  • Demand response
  • Heat Recovery
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability
  • Process Optimisation

For a full listing of equipment available at CREDIT Gateway see here:

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