Nimbus Launch Webinar Series to Assist Business Community

The Covid 19 outbreak has caused businesses across the globe to rethink their business model. We have seen how Irish businesses have responded to increasing challenges such as working remotely, moving operations online and diversifying how they deliver their products and services. At the Nimbus Research Centre we are fortunate that we can continue to operate with little disruption in how we deliver our projects to clients. Naturally there has been some change in how we do this with a significant increase in video calls, online workshops and digital marketing efforts.

Many businesses may have had to furlough staff, close up shop and rely on savings to ride out the storm, this could however put a business at risk if the spread of the virus cannot be contained in the coming months. Moreover, many businesses could see themselves leapfrogged by innovative competitors. To assist companies throughout this difficult and challenging period, Nimbus and Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways continue to provide innovation and business supports through a range of different measures.

One way we are doing this is ensuring we communicate with our clients effectively, and we have found this is best done through our Webinar Series which launched on the 6th of May. Currently, more than 60% of organisations are using webinars as part of their content marketing strategies. Webinars have exploded in growth over the past few months.

The first in our series focused in on how Nimbus is continuing “business as usual” even through remote work. Our panellist from the Nimbus Business Development Team, Brain Cahill, Stephen Collins and Alex Joyce highlighted, Enterprise Ireland and other government funding supports, that are available to companies during this time and how these supports can be used within Nimbus to develop and innovate organisations to survive and flourish during this unusual time.

The webinar also placed emphasis on previous and on-going projects that we have developed within the centre. We have focused experts in software, hardware, UI/UX and Machine Learning & AI who work on over seventy projects a year. These projects assisted companies with integrating IoT technologies into their business without a need of prior understanding.

Upcoming webinars will include introducing our Mixed Reality Lab which consists of the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to support and grow our innovation capacity to service the needs of Industry 4.0 client requirements. We will also conduct webinars for specific sectors such as the Food and Hospitality industry, who may need technical support and innovative solutions as they move their offerings online.

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