Irish Food Tech – a new Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Cluster

Irish Food Tech – a new Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Cluster

The Irish Food Tech Cluster is a consortium of seven of Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways operating within the food and beverage technology sector. The cluster provides a range of expertise for companies who are looking to access research and development within these areas.

The cluster can connect industry with researchers in a wide selection of areas that include bioprocessing, food for health, process control and packaging, amongst many others.

Specialised research resources are leveraged from within the seven participating Institute of Technologies and applied to industry problems of all sizes.

Irish Food Tech Cluster Gateways

APT Gateway is based in Athlone IT and provides solutions for polymer materials and plastics processing to companies within the food sector on scales from short-term consultancy to multi-year collaborative projects. Projects can involve design and prototyping of food packaging or investigating packaging failures.

CAPPA Gateway is based at Cork Institute of Technology and provides photonics solutions to companies within the food sector on scales from short-term consultancy to multi-year collaborative projects. Projects can involve examination of specific food products or investigating food process capabilities to improve their efficiency.

Design+ Gateway is based in Carlow IT and offers innovative solutions for industry using a design approach for packaging and brand communication.

MET Gateway is based in GMIT and offers a range of services within medicinal nutrition technologies such as food analysis and testing, human interventional trials and product development and optimisation.

MiCRA Gateway is based in IT Tallaght and offers a range of bioanalytical, material and food characterisation, microbiological and food safety and chemical analytical services for the food sector.

PMBRC Gateway, based in Waterford Institute of Technology, can provide access to the expertise and facilities to deliver technology solutions in product development and food quality to the food industry, in the areas of food formulation, food shelf life and food processing.

Shannon ABC Gateway, based on the IT Tralee and Limerick IT campuses, can provide food and beverage companies with scientific support from raw material to final product.

What can Irish Food Tech offer your company?

Irish Food Tech facilitates your access to the seven specialised centres across the Gateway Cluster. Each centre can provide assistance and support in delivering near-to-market solutions, becoming an important extension of your company’s R&D capability.

What supports do we offer?

We offer industry support in the form of various Enterprise Ireland funding initiatives such as Innovation Vouchers, Feasibility Studies and Innovation Partnerships. You can also access the gateway cluster via direct consultancy.

Each gateway centre within the cluster has access to a dedicated Gateway Manager and a team of specialised business development engineers to help with your company’s individual needs. The Irish Food Tech Cluster is available to SMEs, large indigenous companies and multinationals.

What’s the next step?

For more information, get in touch with the Irish Food Tech cluster support office. If you are interested in further information on Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways you can also download our new gateway booklet, sign up for our quarterly Technology Gateways newsletter or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest industry and cluster news.