Internet of Things (IoT) trends to watch in 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) trends to watch in 2019 - Technology Gateways

As 2018 draws to a close, Tom Fitzmaurice, Business Development Manager of the Applied IoT cluster, looks forward to what promises to be yet another year of rapid evolution in the world of IoT. In fact, 2019 is shaping up to be no different from its predecessor when it comes to exponential growth for the Internet of Things and in this blog post, Tom looks at some potential hot topics for the year ahead.


Thus far, IoT device manufacturers have remained behind the curve when it comes to in-built security measures in their product lines. When you purchase a wearable or temperature controlling IoT device for your home, it is not advisable to assume it is secure. On the contrary, unless specifically stated by the manufacturer it would be safer to assume it is NOT secure.

It’s predicted that 2019 will see manufacturers place more emphasis on providing solutions that are designed to protect their IoT devices from data loss/intrusion with wider acceptance being afforded to biometric-infused and other innovative security measures. As in all aspects of life, there will always be new digital threats emerging that will require re-active and more importantly, pro-active solutions to combat as the IoT industry strives for a safer and more secure environment into 2019 and beyond.

Connected vehicles

Advances in the world of the connected vehicle are continuing to transform society as we know it and are changing the way we will use transportation in the future. In addition to the strides being made in powering new vehicles with electricity, increased connectivity capabilities will enable vehicles to communicate with everything around it, including road signs, traffic indicators, other vehicles and pedestrians.

4G, and eventually 5G, networks will allow for higher speed communication, facilitating much greater control over these vehicles. Once again, the development of stringent security measures will be required to ensure the safe use and operation of these more environmentally safer and cost-effective vehicles of the future.

Smart communities

Smart cities have been evolving steadily over the last number of years. Data streaming from thousands of IoT devices around some of the major metropolitan areas is being digitally analysed and used to improve the quality of life for inhabitants. This is achieved by monitoring and enhancing air quality, providing better traffic management systems and implementing smart energy management technologies.

The success of smart cities is leading to the testing and commissioning of such technologies on a smaller scale in towns, villages and individual communities around the globe. Attracting increased interest is the concept of localised communities, serviced by microgrid power stations and comprising high-performance homes kitted out with energy-efficient systems, appliances and other connected devices. Expectations are high for such developments to integrate into a larger ecosystem of connected devices, creating more comfortable living conditions and delivering huge energy savings.


Finally, we’ll glance at the world of connectivity – one of, if not the, most important ingredients when it comes to IoT. In the absence of a strong connection between them, the billions of connected devices deployed around the world would be rendered useless. Having outlined the boundless opportunities for development in cybersecurity, connected vehicles and smart cities, the reality is none of these would be possible without strong and reliable connectivity.

5G is being earmarked as the means to connect all things digital and transform the world we live in. Promoted as being up to 10 times faster, with 50 times less latency and 1,000 times the capacity of 4G, 5G is set to bring billions more connected devices online making way for further disruptive technologies and the creation of new business and financial opportunities.

Tom Fitzmaurice is the Business Development Manager for the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Applied IoT cluster. The cluster is a consortium of five of Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways, providing a single point of contact for companies looking to access technical capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) research and development. Visit the A IoT page and follow them on Twitter for all the latest news and events.