Profile: CREST Technology Gateway

CREST Technology Gateway, located in TU Dublin Kevin ST is the only dedicated surface coatings laboratory on the Island of Ireland, translating in-house fundamental knowledge from the bench-top to the marketplace. The Centre has over sixty years of commercial surface coating experience and recruits and develops industrial development scientists with a product development background operating within an ISO 9001 Quality Management System which guarantees consistent and reliable project delivery.

What is CREST Technology Gateway?

CREST addresses the needs of the Irish engineering, biomedical, construction and healthcare sectors. With expertise in areas such as protective coatings for challenging environments, surface treatment of metal components, coatings for environmental applications and biomedical devices, CREST is a nationally approved laboratory, retained by many Irish government bodies. (e.g. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, NSAI, OPW, NRA and several city and county council bodies). It is also a member of EMD Ireland, a specialised Technology Gateway cluster. Established in 2016, EMD Ireland is a cluster of six Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways providing knowledge and expertise within the engineering, materials and design sector to Irish industry.

What facilities and technologies are available?

CREST operates as an integral part of the FOCAS Institute in Kevin ST and utilises four shared laboratories, providing essential services as the basis for materials synthesis, preparation and characterisation. In addition, CREST has the dedicated use of the consultancy laboratory within the FOCAS Institute used exclusively for industrial research work.

CREST also has ownership of several high specification instruments including the following facilities such as an Memmert Environmental Chamber, Siemens XRD, Zwick Universal Testing Machine and a Hitachi SU70 Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope, as well as various Spectroscopy and Microscopy Equipment.

What types of companies do CREST work with?

CREST provides a range of consultancy services to over 100 companies per year, from Irish SMEs to multinationals nationwide.

What supports and funding does CREST have available to help your company?

As a Technology Gateway, CREST has a variety of Enterprise Ireland supports and funding available to suit all types and sizes of project. Such as:

Innovation Vouchers

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers are open to all small and medium-sized limited companies currently registered in Ireland. They provide funding to the value of €5000, to help with the research and innovation of a business opportunity or problem. Innovation vouchers are redeemable from all members of the technology gateways. More information can be found on the Enterprise Ireland website.

Innovation Partnerships

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnerships are ideal for larger, long term projects which aid with the development or improvement of products, services or processes.  Grants of up to 80% towards eligible costs are available from Enterprise Ireland. For further information check out the Enterprise Ireland Website. Innovation Partnerships are open to applications all year round. To ensure eligibility for this scheme get in touch for further information and advice.

Direct funding

Companies can also pay CREST directly from their Research and Development budget. CREST has provided consultancy services to over 300 clients over the last 10 years, ranging from small indigenous companies to multinationals based in Ireland and overseas. For further information please contact Dr. Annaik Genson

What are your next steps?

If you have any further questions, are unsure about funding eligibility or require further advice or support, you can contact CREST directly, get further information on the CREST Website or follow on Twitter where you can find out the latest industry and cluster news.