Enterprise Ireland Covid-19 Funding and Supports

Following the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19 on our shores, many Irish business have experienced disruption, shock and future uncertainty. To assist with this unprecedented event, Enterprise Ireland has recently launched a Covid-19 web resource. Providing Irish business with practical advice and guidance on the Covid-19 response, information on available Government funding and supports and the latest news and insights.

There is no doubt this is an extremely difficult period for the business community. To assist with the challenges ahead a range of new Covid-19 funding supports has been put in place by the Government of Ireland. Through Enterprise Ireland, Irish business can now avail of a range of funding supports to help alleviate the impact of Covid-19. Further information on all Covid-19 supports can be found here on the Enterprise Ireland website.

 The Enterprise Ireland Business Response Supports include:

As well as a range of other supports such as:

  • Lean Business Continuity Voucher
  • Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme
  • Covid-19 Act on Supports
  • Key Manager Grant
  • Business Process Improvement Grant
  • Rapid Response Research and Innovation Funding
  • eiLearn Online Learning platform

Further information on these Covid-19 supports can be found here

Enterprise Ireland also has a range of Innovation, Diversification and competitiveness supports available. For more information on these supports companies should contact their Development Advisor.