Irish Food Tech – 5 Benefits That Will Enhance Your R&D Journey.

The Irish Food Tech Cluster (IFT) consists of 7 Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways providing knowledge, expertise and skills in food and beverage technology to Irish industry. Companies across Ireland have access to expertise, resources and equipment for Research, Development and Innovation projects in a wide selection of areas that include bioprocessing, food for health, process control and packaging amongst many others. There are many advantages to collaborating with the cluster, to give you a taste of what to expect, we’ve put together 5 of these benefits below:  

1.Specialized Equipment. 

The Irish Food Tech cluster has access to a substantial range of specialised equipment available to enhance your R&D experience. Companies often find that gaining access to specialised equipment can be a major obstacle when engaging in R&D. The cluster has access to a wide range of equipment located within Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities around Ireland, which assures your specific requirements can be met. Below is a sample listing of equipment available within the cluster’s seven gateways. For further information on available equipment check out individual Gateway websites 

  • APT – Packaging barrier testing equipment 
  • CAPPAVisible and Near IR Hyperspectral Imaging system. 
  • Design+mK Technology Vacuum Casting system 
  • METViscometer (Brookfield, DV-II+ Pro) 
  • MiCRAElectrochemical Workstation (Potentiostat/Multichannel Potentiostat)
  • PMBRCSpray Dryer (ProCepT 4M8TriX) 
  • Shannon ABC Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry

2.Expert Advice and Knowledge.  

Irish Food Tech facilitates your access to seven specialised research centres across the Network. Each providing assistance and support in delivering near-to-market solutions. The cluster provides dedicated access to a Gateway manager and team of expert business development engineers, who are geared to help with your companies’ individual needs. In-fact, with time, companies often find the cluster becomes part of their ongoing R&D development structure. 

 3.Access to Enterprise Ireland Funding:

Companies collaborating with the Irish Food Tech Cluster have access to a wide range of Enterprise Ireland funding mechanisms, including Innovation Vouchers, Innovation Partnerships and the Agile Innovation Fund. Funding is available to suit all types and sizes of projects. From €5,000 Innovation vouchers for small companies to get innovative solutions to technical and business challenges, to up to €250,000 feasibility studies available for collaborative projects between companies and research teams in Higher Education. You can also access the cluster by direct consultancy. You can access more information on funding options here. 

4.Collaboration within the Network: 

Since 2013, more than 2500 Irish based companies have utilised the broader Technology Gateway Network to successfully complete over 4000 innovation projects. The Gateway Network collaborate closely, ensuring a valuable innovation environment for client companies. Should your project require additional expertise, this is readily available to you through the cluster and the wider Network. With this level of collaboration comes many additional gains for industry, including regional support and advice, shared expertise and experience, plus a culture of innovation and research. Our Gateway teams know that regular communication and collaboration within project-based work not only enhances the sharing of knowledge and expertise but also delivers the best possible outcome for the project. These principles ensure that your R&D project will be completed in a timely fashion and within budget.  

5.Full circle process 

The cluster encompasses all elements of the food and beverage development journey. Whatever stage you are at, there is a suitable Gateway which can assist. Our full circle process provides expertise, knowledge and equipment in areas such as Ingredient’s input, process, packaging and output. Fully supported and enhanced by a feedback loop to aid required improvements. This full circle approach ensures an efficient and effective journey through the cluster.



Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of working with the IFT Technology Gateway cluster, we’d love to hear which one of your innovative projects you are going to work on first? 

For more information on how the cluster can support your company, contact the Irish Food Tech cluster support office or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest industry and cluster news.

Applied IoT Cluster – providing expertise & resources across the Internet of Things Technology Stack

From sensors to process implementation, the Applied IoT Cluster provides world-class RD&I services to companies nationwide. Combining the knowledge base and skillset of five Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, the cluster is equipped to assist companies with projects requiring expert technical advice and application development across the broad spectrum that is the Internet of Things. The Applied IoT cluster’s broad experience in delivery of near-to-market solutionshas provided an array of benefitsto many companies during their journey from product to market and in some cases have become an integral part in the ongoing research and development activities undertaken within these organisations.   

Central to the cluster’s offering is its team of over one-hundred dedicated research engineers possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge across the entire IoT technology stack, including but not limited to; 

 The “Things” 

Selecting the right “thing” to gather your data is the foundation of most IoT based projects. The cluster can help with testing and selection of the most appropriate off the shelf sensor, device or machine as well as research and development of bespoke sensors which may not be readily available. 

How to connect them 

Communications can be a daunting area in the early stages of a project, networking and communications experts across the cluster are on hand to assist with choosing the best and most effective technologies for your project’s requirements. 

The “Cloud” & Storing of “Things” data 

When it comes to cloud storage and computing, a project can dictate the infrastructure and resources required and will present the project team with a number of viable options. The Applied IoT cluster can help with determining which service / combination of services is required to handle the vast amounts of data and still be capable of scaling to meet future demands. 

Analysing the data 

An integral component in any IoT project is having the capability of extracting the relevant data form the deployed “things” and utilising this data to perform simple tasks such as reporting or more intricate functions such as machine learning. Applied IoT’s data analytics experts can help reduce valuable time spent in this phase of a project by applying their extensive knowledge and prior experience in similar undertakings as well as having the ability to develop custom software solutions where necessary. 

Custom applications & People and Business Processes 

The end-goal for a lot of Internet of Things based projects is to utilise the analysed data which has been collected from the sensors, machines or devices in order to provide additional functionality / services or enhance existing processes. The team at Applied IoT have years of custom application development behind them and are always looking to become involved in new and exciting challenges in these areas. 

The Applied IoT cluster is available to discuss how they can assist with your current or future IoT based applications and they look forward to continued collaboration on successful IoT projects with companies of all sizes in all sectors.  

For more information on the Applied IoT Cluster check out their webpage or follow them on Twitter.


Technology Insights – Process Monitoring and Automation for SME’s

‘Technology Insights’ brings together a range of relevant and exciting industry topics highlighting current, new and emerging technologies in sectors such as MedTech, Software, Biotechnology, Food and Manufacturing. The series aims to provide Irish industry with a platform for interesting and engaging discussion on a wide range of current and future technologies, presented by industry experts within the Technology Gateway Network. 

The fourth webinar in the series takes place on Thursday 13th May 2021 and will focus on ‘Process Monitoring and Automation for SME’s’. Presented by Ciaran Doyle, Senior R&D and Business Development Engineer (Mechatronics) and Tanmay Swaroop, Research Assistant at IMaR Technology Gateway.

Process monitoring and automation are the principle means of reducing production costs, improving process continuity and product quality.  At the core of any process monitoring system are sensors, a means of communicating and analysing sensor data and initiating appropriate corrective actions.  The availability of low-cost, wired or low power wireless smart sensors which are both robust and accurate make process monitoring a compelling, low-risk opportunity for many industries. It is the basis for both predictive maintenance which enhances OEE, and real-time avoiding or controlling process deviations which enhances product quality.  Monitoring and sensor technologies are also vital components in automated processes. 

Evaluating the potential for process automation involves an assessment of how to make the process Lean, eliminatingmura, muda and muri and an understanding of the need for consistency and quality in tasks which may be repetitive or ergonomically challenging.  Automation will reduce waste, improve quality of work and will provide a basis for continual improvement within SME’s. 

Automation and process monitoring technologies are readily accessible to SMEs, are essential aspects of Industry 4.0 and can underpin future competitiveness in terms of cost and quality. This webinar will explore the methods and technologies required for implementing or enhancing monitoring and automation in SME’s. 


Ciaran Doyle, Senior R&D and Business Development Engineer (Strand Leader), Mechatronics

Ciaran Doyle is a researcher at IMaR, specializing in instrumentation solutions for industry; and a part-time lecturer in MTU in Instrumentation and Analog Electronics. He has 25 years experience working in the telecommunications industry and as an engineering contractor including ten years managing his own business. Ciaran was awarded an M. Eng degree in 2016 by the (then) Institute of Technology Tralee, for research on instrumentation and measurement theory, a BAI degree from the Engineering School at Trinity College Dublin in 1980 and has industry qualifications in IT and accountancy.

Tanmay Swaroop, Research Assistant

Tanmay is actively working on the development of mechatronics and automation methods and poka yokes in the field of automobile, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing, addressing problems relating to repetitive manual work and ergonomically difficult tasks on assembly lines. Tanmay has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing engineering, product quality, process engineering, facility installation and commissioning. He holds a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and bachelors in Mechanical engineering.

IMaR Technology Gateway

The IMaR Gateway, based in MTU Kerry, applies its core expertise in providing electronic and mechanical hardware, software, IoT and data analytics innovation for increased productivity in the manufacturing, agriculture and process sectors. IMaR provides expertise in hardware, software, IoT and data analytics innovation for increased productivity in the manufacturing, agriculture and process sectors. Offering a range of services to industry such as project development and specification, prototype/proof of concept development, consultancy and industry collaborations, as well as assistance in sourcing funding for research and development projects.

Date: Thursday 13th May 2021 

Time: 11.00am – 11.45am 

For further details and registration please see here

Tánaiste Announces New Technology Gateway to Help Business Become More Energy Efficient

The Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar T.D. today announced funding of €338,000 to establish a new Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway for the North-East in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT).

The new CREDIT Technology Gateway will focus on energy efficiency and look at how companies can make both their products and their manufacturing operations as energy efficient as possible. With a particular focus on start-ups and SMEs, CREDIT Technology Gateway will enable companies to explore product innovation, source applied research opportunities and technology solutions for their ‘close-to-market’ needs. Providing a research and skills resource network targeted at companies based both in the North East and nationally.

The Gateway is the latest addition to the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Programme and brings the number to 16 Gateways established by the Government around the country. It joins a network of 15 existing specialised Gateways based in the Institutes of Technology and the Technological Universities across the country, providing Irish industry access to innovation expertise and novel solutions.

The Tánaiste said:

“The enterprise sector accounts for 13% of Ireland’s emissions. We have committed to reducing emissions by 7% per year on average, over the next ten years and businesses will have a really important role to play in helping us reach that target. How a business uses and sometimes wastes energy is one of the main things it can change to bring down its emissions.

“This new Gateway, based in Dundalk IT will provide a place for industry and experts to work together to look at how companies can make both the products they produce and their own operations more energy efficient. I hope that the work that they do will find ways of working that can be shared more broadly, with many other businesses across the country.”

Speaking about the announcement Gearoid Mooney, Divisional Manager, Research & Innovation at Enterprise Ireland said:

“The addition of a new Gateway in the North East will have a very positive impact on companies in the Region as it will allow for enhanced interaction and collaboration between the Technology Gateway Network and companies throughout the North-East. Dundalk IT has a rich history of successful industry engagement and I’m very excited to see them join the Technology Gateway Network”.

The initial funding of €338,000 is for 2 years and will allow DkIT to set up and staff the Gateway with a view to joining the other 15 Gateways in reapplying for funding for a further 5 years, when a new programme is announced.


Utilising Blockchain for your Business – a COMAND Gateway Webinar

COMAND Technology Gateway based in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) invites you to a free webinar titled ‘Utilising Blockchain for your Business’. Presented by Dr. Yuansong Qiao AIT, ‘Utilising Blockchain for your Business’ aims to investigate how Blockchain can be utilised for Business & Industrial needs as well as provide industry with a discussion platform to discover how to implement innovation, grow their business and avail of funding and supports.

Dr. Yuansong Qiao is a Senior Research Fellow in the Software Research Institute at Athlone Institute of Technology. He is a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Funded Investigator in the CONFIRM Smart Manufacturing Centre. He was the PI of an SFI SIRG project – VidSDN from 2015 to 2018. He was the PI of Enterprise Ireland funded COMAND Technology Gateway and SUNAT Applied Research Enhancement projects from 2007 to 2014.

Google Scholar Profile

Who should attend?

This webinar is open to all interested industrial groups, businesses and those needing guidance on obtaining support through Funding and Partnerships, from Start Up’s, SMES’s, Large Industry Groups to Multinationals.


COMAND Technology Gateway based at AIT works with a range of SME’s & Multinationals across various industries in the IT, Software and Connected Media Fields. COMAND concentrates on the research and development of prospective interactive media technologies focusing on Augmenting User Interactions, End-to-end Applications and Intelligent Infrastructure.

Through its experienced engineers, the centre provides extensive research outputs, troubleshooting, conducts research on the design, development and Quality of Experience (QoE) evaluation of Immersive and Interactive multimedia experiences. COMAND currently focus on multi-sensory media (olfaction, haptic etc.), augmented and virtual reality as well as wearable sensor systems. COMAND delivers ready to launch market product solutions as well as focused research on multimedia solutions within the following domains:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Gamification
  • Quality of Experience
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and wearable sensor systems in Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

COMAND has extensive experience & in delivering both Research & Applied Research projects funded by Enterprise Ireland through their various Partnership grant schemes with Industry or direct funded project from Industrial or Business owners from start-up, SME’s through to Multi Nationals.

Event details

Date: Thursday 15th April 2021

Time: 11.00am – 12.00

For registration please see here

SEAM receives international quality management certification

The South East Applied Materials (SEAM) research centre in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system. ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for organisations that demonstrates the ability to consistently provide a service that meets customer and regulatory requirements. SEAM is a leading Technology Gateway funded by Enterprise Ireland and has been providing cutting-edge technology resources while delivering world-class advanced materials engineering services to wide ranging industrial technology and research sectors.

SEAM, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, aims to continuously improve services to meet client’s requirements and is always investing in new equipment resources as well as develop new analysis techniques to meet the ever changing needs of Irish industry. Despite the challenges the centre faced in 2020, SEAM strived to attain the ISO quality management certification while also maintaining a focus on the provision of high-quality services to industry and research; especially to essential services. The centre currently assists over 235 Irish based industries from wide ranging sectors such as Medical devices, Precision Engineering, Pharma, Electronics and Energy.

SEAM field of expertise include;

  • Non-destructive investigation and product design optimisation using X-Ray Micro-Tomography (CT scanning)
  • Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics applications
  • Failure Analysis of product components
  • Material Characterisation
  • 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing and Hands on training programmes on AM

Dr Ramesh Raghavendra, Director of SEAM, commends his team on their drive and perseverance which led to this accolade “I am very pleased that SEAM secured this long over-due accolade as it recognises our ability to provide consistent high quality consultancy services and applied research outputs to industries much to their satisfaction. I am also confident that this will enhance SEAM’s recognition and open up new collaboration opportunities with industries and other stakeholders in Ireland that will enable us to grow further. This accreditation will further strengthen our relationship with our existing clients and will undoubtedly increase the level of trust with our new clients as it helps our business stand out from our competitors”.

ISO Criteria

ISO 9001:2015 is an independently assessed certification that ensures management quality and shows that SEAM is committed to customer and regulatory requirements. Amongst these requirements is the ability to demonstrate:

  • Leading and promoting a positive quality culture, led from top management and spread throughout the organisation.
  • Ensuring participation, responsibility and engagement in quality management with all employees and third parties.
  • Providing training, competence, equipment and resources necessary to ensure that customer’s expectations are always met.
  • Continuously improving SEAM’s quality management through customer engagement, working with external providers, identification of risks and opportunities and proactive planning and implementation.

Photo Caption L-R: Dr Ramesh Raghavendra, SEAM Director and Eoghan O’Donoghue, SEAM Operations Manager.


MET and PEM Technology Gateways announce 5k Innovation Voucher Clinics

Are you an SME currently looking for help or guidance with research and innovation? Perhaps your product, service or process requires expertise which is currently outside of your existing R&D capacity? Do you know that your regional Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway can help?

The Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network delivers innovation expertise and solutions for Irish industry. Our network of 15 Gateways are located nationwide and focus on key technology areas, aligned to industry needs. Technology Gateways provide valuable Innovation assistance and support services to industry, playing a significant role in the innovation ecosystem nationwide.

Each project is viewed as unique and as a result the assistance provided by each Gateway team is tailored to its specific needs. Specialist gateway teams ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget and provide a wide variety of support and assistance ranging from prototype production, business model development, process optimisation, customer interface, technical specification, new service development and technology audits.

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Programme

Enterprise Ireland have a range of supports and funding available through the Network. One such initiative is the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher which was developed to build links between Ireland’s public knowledge providers (i.e. higher education institutes, public research bodies) and provides Irish SME’s with a pathway to Innovation solutions..

Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider. If you are a company thinking about Innovation or want to find out more about the programme, our expert Technology Gateway teams will bring you through the application process, criteria and suitability. They can even help with the application process itself.

Innovation Voucher Clinics

Innovation Voucher Clinics are being run by PEM and MET Technology Gateways throughout March. Registration is required but clinics are free to attend and take place online.

Details of available Innovation Voucher clinics are below:

PEM Technology Gateway in partnership with Sligo Local Enterprise Office are holding an Innovation Voucher Clinic during Local Enterprise Week on Friday 5th March 2021.

PEM Gateway based in IT Sligo has a technology offering for industry in precision engineering, manufacturing and materials. PEM works with companies at all stages of their research and innovation journey in the North West and nationally.

PEM Technology Gateway can offer expertise with the following;

  • Product Design and Additive Manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation and Optimisation.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing.
  • Enhancement, Optimisation & Control of Polymer Processes.
  • Precision Engineering and Micro-Machining.
  • Laser-based prototyping and Manufacturing technologies.
  • Nano-Materials and Nano-Technologies.

What could a €5,000 Innovation Voucher do for your business? Book a 30-min Consultation to find out more! Not sure who to work with or how to apply? No problem! We are part of a nationwide network of Technology Gateways, each with their own set of expertise, we can help you find the right partner to support your research needs and help you to prepare for your funding application.

Date: Friday 5th March

Duration: 30 mins

Time: 9.30am – 1pm

Book your session here

MET Technology Gateway are holding Innovation Voucher Clinics on March 10th and 11th 2021.

MET Gateway, based in Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, offers technology solutions targeted at medical device, life-sciences and engineering companies. The Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET) Centre is an interdisciplinary technology centre providing world class solutions for the Medtech and general manufacturing sectors. The Centre develops novel technologies relevant to both clinical research and MedTech companies operating in the design application phase. MET supports RD&I activities for industries throughout the west of Ireland and nationally.

MET Technology Gateway can offer expertise with the following;

  • Medical Imaging Technologies
  • Anatomical Modelling and Physiological Replication
  • Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Design Engineering and Verification
  • Medicinal Nutrition and Sport

If you have an idea for a new product or service, and need support to develop it, the team at the Medical and Engineering Technology Gateway, Galway are here to advise and support you in developing your idea.

This FREE one-to-one Innovation Voucher online consultation will take you through the process from start to finish. We are part of a nationwide network of Gateways, each with their own set of expertise and we can help you find the right partner to support your needs.

Date: Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th March

Duration: 60 mins

Time: 10am – 3pm

Book your session here


Technology Insights – Essential technical tools to enable a successful bioeconomy

‘Technology Insights’ brings together a range of relevant and exciting industry topics highlighting current, new and emerging technologies in sectors such as MedTech, Software, Biotechnology, Food and Manufacturing. The series aims to provide Irish industry with a platform for interesting and engaging discussion on a wide range of current and future technologies, presented by industry experts within the Technology Gateway Network. 

The third webinar in the series takes place on Thursday 25th March 2021. Presented by Dr Tim Yeomans, Technology Gateway Manager at Shannon ABC, the webinar will explore essential technical tools to enable a successful bioeconomy.   

The bioeconomy describes the sustainable production and use of renewable biological resources from land and sea, like crops, forests, fish, animals and micro-organisms; to produce food, materials and energy. To do this successfully, technical and scientific tools are essential in terms of defining what is in the resource, what its function is and the commercial process to achieve this. This webinar will outline a range of technologies that can contribute to these goals 

Dr Tim Yeomans 

Dr Tim Yeomans received his Degree in Industrial Biology from the Institute of Technology Carlow and subsequently completed his PhD in Microbiology at University College Cork. Tim has previously held the position of Postdoctoral Fellow in the National Centre for Medical Genetics, Crumlin and the Dublin Dental School and Hospital. He has held various industrial based roles and more recently provided technical and commercial input as Laboratory and Research Manager for a contract research and development company. Tim currently holds the position of Centre Manager with Shannon ABC. Within this role he is responsible for on-going engagement with industry, scientific direction of the Centre as well as commercialisation of research. 

Shannon ABC Technology Gateway 

Shannon ABC  Technology Gateway is based on the MTU Kerry and Limerick IT campuses. The Gateway delivers solutions to the challenges faced by industries by developing new processes and products from bio-resources. These solutions are delivered to the biotech, food and life science industries. Shannon ABC develops state-of-the-art processes, using ingredients and biological products from natural resources. The results of these processes include drug development, and value-added food, flavour and medicinal products. 

Event details 

Date: Thursday 25th March 2021 

Time: 11.00am – 11.45am 

For further details and registration please see here 


Enterprise Ireland announce 2021 Capital Equipment Call for Technology Gateway & Technology Centre programmes

Enterprise Ireland are pleased to announce a call for applications from members of the Technology Gateway and Technology Centre programmes for a new Capital Equipment Fund. Applications should be send to to arrive by 12pm (noon) on Wednesday the 14th of April 2021.

The purpose of the funding is to increase interaction of the Technology Gateways and Technology Centres with industry in Ireland.

Therefore, the intended outcomes should include, but not be limited to:

  • More companies engaging in R&D
  • Pilot manufacturing capability for new product / process development
  • Enhanced technology validation and testing capabilities
  • Test bed generation
  • Enhanced training potential for key industry staff on emerging technologies

Each eligible Technology Gateway or Technology Centre will be limited to a maximum of 3 applications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The call is restricted to members of the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway and Technology Centre programmes.
  • The successful proposal must possess a strong track record of industry engagement and demonstrate a significant industrial need for the new equipment.
  • The host institute must provide space for the equipment and confirm that it will insure, service and maintain the equipment according to international standards.
  • Individual applications will be restricted to sums greater than €25,000 and less than €250,000 (more costly items may be considered on an exceptional basis).

Closing Date for Applications

The closing date for applications is 12pm (noon) on Wednesday the 14th of April 2021.

One signed electronic copy to be sent to to arrive before the closing date. A signed hard copy original should follow immediately addressed to Capital Call 2021, Grants Administration, Enterprise Ireland, Eastpoint Business Park, Dublin 3, D03 E5R6.

All queries should be directed to


Opportunity in Times of Challenge: Adopting Innovation – a WiSAR Gateway Webinar

Join WiSAR Technology Gateway on Friday March 5th, 2021, to explore access to research expertise and funding in response to times of challenge. Explore how to embrace opportunities for technological change, research, and innovation, in response to an increasingly challenging business environment. Discover how businesses can access research expertise through the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network, across all sectors, and the funding and support mechanisms available. 

The event will be hosted by John Andy Bonar, VP for Research, Equality and External Affairs at LYIT. 

The Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network offers three industry focused research & development clusters specialising in the areas of Internet of Things (Applied IoT), engineering, materials & design (EMD Ireland) and food & beverage technologies (Irish Food Tech). Accessible through a single point of contact, the clusters employ in excess of 300 research and engineering professionals and to date have successfully delivered over 4000 innovation projects with 2500 Irish companies. Dedicated Technology Gateway managers are available within each cluster to assist with all aspects of your next R&D or innovation project including the development of a tailored project plan, advice on the various direct and Enterprise Ireland funding mechanisms available and delivery of the completed project on time and in budget. 

Hear from Sharon White (EMD Ireland), Stephen Seawright (Applied IoT), and Tim Yeomans (Irish Food Tech) as they explore various funding supports and the adoption of research and innovation, across all sectors, in response to an increasingly challenging business environment. 


Stephen Seawright- Technology Gateway Manager, WiSAR, LYIT 

Dr Stephen Seawright has a distinguished track record in business development holding senior roles across several multinational businesses throughout his career. Stephen is Technology Gateway Manager at the WiSAR Lab at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology, providing solutions to Irish industry for the Internet of Things (IoT) using expertise in wireless, embedded systems, and power electronics.Stephen engages with idea owners across many sectors to apply hardware and software skills to advanced working prototypes. 

Sharon White- Technology Gateway Manager, MET, GMIT 

Sharon graduated from Dublin City University in 2004 with an honours degree in Medical Mechanical Engineering. In 2005 she took up a position at Cook Medical, where she worked in the Regulatory Affairs department for 2 years before moving to the Research and Development department as an R&D Engineer. For the ensuing 11 years, Sharon worked in the design and development of medical devices for use in endoscopy and has seen several devices to launch. Sharon has been also been awarded two patents. Sharon is currently Gateway Manager at the Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET) Centre, an interdisciplinary technology centre providing world class solutions for the Medtech and general manufacturing sectors. 

Tim Yeomans- Technology Gateway Manager, Shannon ABC, MTU – Kerry and LIT 

Dr Tim Yeomans received his Degree in Industrial Biology from the Institute of Technology Carlow and subsequently completed his PhD in Microbiology at University College Cork. Tim has previously held the position of Postdoctoral Fellow in the National Centre for Medical Genetics, Crumlin and the Dublin Dental School and Hospital. He has held various industrial based roles and more recently provided technical and commercial input as Laboratory and Research Manager for a contract research and development company. Tim has held the role of Centre Manager of Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre for 10 years and is responsible for on-going engagement with industry, scientific direction of the Centre as well as commercialisation of research. 

WiSAR Technology Gateway 

The WiSAR Gateway, based in Letterkenny Institute of Technology, provides solutions to Irish industry for the Internet of Things (IoT) using expertise in wireless, embedded systems and power electronics. 

The WiSAR Gateway uses expertise in wireless, embedded systems and power electronics to provide solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). The primary goal of this Gateway is to achieve ultra-low power consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Expertise is provided to Irish industry across many sectors, including sports and tourism, marine, and renewable energies, relating to wearable technology, remote monitoring, power electronics and communications. 

The facilities at WiSAR allow for a very high standard of research and development to be carried out on collaborative projects with industry. WiSAR’s collaborative services provide companies with a flexible and expert R&D resource, allowing them to examine the potential for wireless technology within their businesses without demanding a large initial investment from their own resources. WiSAR’s competencies allow clients to develop and build prototypes, undergo feasibility studies and perform proof of concept exercises. 

Further event details and registration are available here.