Applied IoT Cluster – providing expertise & resources across the Internet of Things Technology Stack

From sensors to process implementation, the Applied IoT Cluster provides world-class RD&I services to companies nationwide. Combining the knowledge base and skillset of five Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, the cluster is equipped to assist companies with projects requiring expert technical advice and application development across the broad spectrum that is the Internet of Things. The Applied IoT cluster’s broad experience in delivery of near-to-market solutionshas provided an array of benefitsto many companies during their journey from product to market and in some cases have become an integral part in the ongoing research and development activities undertaken within these organisations.   

Central to the cluster’s offering is its team of over one-hundred dedicated research engineers possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge across the entire IoT technology stack, including but not limited to; 

 The “Things” 

Selecting the right “thing” to gather your data is the foundation of most IoT based projects. The cluster can help with testing and selection of the most appropriate off the shelf sensor, device or machine as well as research and development of bespoke sensors which may not be readily available. 

How to connect them 

Communications can be a daunting area in the early stages of a project, networking and communications experts across the cluster are on hand to assist with choosing the best and most effective technologies for your project’s requirements. 

The “Cloud” & Storing of “Things” data 

When it comes to cloud storage and computing, a project can dictate the infrastructure and resources required and will present the project team with a number of viable options. The Applied IoT cluster can help with determining which service / combination of services is required to handle the vast amounts of data and still be capable of scaling to meet future demands. 

Analysing the data 

An integral component in any IoT project is having the capability of extracting the relevant data form the deployed “things” and utilising this data to perform simple tasks such as reporting or more intricate functions such as machine learning. Applied IoT’s data analytics experts can help reduce valuable time spent in this phase of a project by applying their extensive knowledge and prior experience in similar undertakings as well as having the ability to develop custom software solutions where necessary. 

Custom applications & People and Business Processes 

The end-goal for a lot of Internet of Things based projects is to utilise the analysed data which has been collected from the sensors, machines or devices in order to provide additional functionality / services or enhance existing processes. The team at Applied IoT have years of custom application development behind them and are always looking to become involved in new and exciting challenges in these areas. 

The Applied IoT cluster is available to discuss how they can assist with your current or future IoT based applications and they look forward to continued collaboration on successful IoT projects with companies of all sizes in all sectors.  

For more information on the Applied IoT Cluster check out their webpage or follow them on Twitter.