AIT & APT Technology Gateway provide expertise for Covid-19 Response

Athlone Institute of Technology are among many Institutes and Universities nationwide who are providing their expertise, knowledge and experience in the global fight against Covid-19. This vital support and assistance of academics, researchers and engineers throughout the institute is a vital cog in this islands fight against the spread of this pandemic. Work in this area has been ongoing since Covid-19 reached our shores with various teams and departments engaged in a range of responses within R&D and the wider business community. Some of which are outlined below:

  • The CISD department and Technology Gateway APT (Applied Polymer Technology) are continuing to provide essential services in analytical testing and processing to companies who are working to produce PPE, ventilators and other medical device equipment.
  • Researchers and clinicians from Athlone Institute of Technology and NUI Galway are working on developing eco-sustainable solutions for PPE. A rapid response team consisting of academics, researchers, clinicians and scientists from across both institutions are tasked with investigating the deployment of high throughput pulsed UV light for the purpose of reprocessing of personal and protective equipment. The APT team involved in this response is led by Technology Gateway Manager Noel Gately. You can read more on this work here.
  • The team at APT was able to use its substantial network of suppliers when the HSE made a direct request for the manufacturer of swabs, a potential match was identified through their connections. APT also sourced a supplier of polymer sheets to manufacture the swabs.
  • The APT team have also collaborated with a Medical Device company on potential suppliers for face shield material, including consultation on the design of an injection moulding machine for the production of respirators. The design team continue to support this response and are ready to offer other means of support if necessary.
  • APT worked as consultants on a task force deployed by the IDA on the manufacturing of Individual patient hoods, their work included identifying sources of RF welding and consulting on mould design for parts of a personalised hood manufacture.

Researchers and Engineers at Athlone Institute of Technology, CISD and APT are continuing to engage with and support companies who request assistance throughout this period.

APT Technology Gateway Manager Noel Gately stated ‘Polymer engineering is a key component in the design and manufacture of many of the critical devices needed in the fight against Covid-19. AIT & APT continues to support the industry during this period with the supply of services and manufacturing equipment as requested.’

Further information on APT services and contact details are available here.