600kN Universal Tensile Tester unveiled at PEM Technology Gateway

PEM Technology Gateway has recently commissioned an up to 600kN Universal Tensile Tester following a successful capital call submission to Enterprise Ireland. The installation of this capability was driven by the very limited commercial testing available in Ireland in the 400-600kN range and industry’s need to have easier access to such equipment.

The high-capacity universal tensile testing machine can perform tensile and compression testing, as well as shear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic and bend tests. The addition of this equipment provides a unique service to Ireland’s industry in areas such as:

  • Construction equipment and machinery
  • Heavy equipment and machinery
  • Agricultural equipment and machinery
  • Marine engineering
  • Fishing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Toolmaking

Dr Russell Macpherson, PEM Technology Gateway Manager highlighted the importance of this equipment to industry in the North-West and nationwide saying “we actively encourage businesses to use our specialised equipment and the addition of this state-of-the-art instrument enhances what we offer. We can help with one-off test pieces and for prototyping purposes, but we’re not limited to that, we are always looking for new ways to help businesses. Just give us a call.”

PEM can also help with technical, engineering and manufacturing questions and issues. For example:

  • Develop an initial design concept by taking your idea and bringing it to life using visuals such as CAD models and working drawings, or even a physical 3D print of the product
  • Advising and supporting with design for manufacture (DFM) considerations to help you get to the manufacturing phase of your product development which will save you time and money
  • Executing the physical machining or fabrication of your product resulting in either a prototype or the finished article
  • Improving or optimising existing products, utilising our onsite testing and simulation capabilities

Crucially, PEM are also available to assist companies navigate the various funding agencies and models that may be available to help fund any work they undertake for businesses.

Should you have any questions about testing capabilities or if you would like any further information contact the team at PEM.